WI Department of Health Services – PHE Unwinding Tools for Providers

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has created a toolkit to help providers through the ending of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. Learn more about what they offer below:

“Unwinding is the term used by our federal partners to describe the steps for state Medicaid agencies to replace temporary policies established during the COVID-19 emergency with regular eligibility, enrollment, and benefits management processes. 

This partner toolkit is designed to give you communication tools to help members navigate the Unwinding process successfully. We encourage you to download and customize the materials and share our social media posts to help spread key message

DHS has developed a variety of resources specifically to support providers during the unwinding. These resources include reports specifying renewal dates for their members who are enrolled in fee-for-service Medicaid (accessible via the ForwardHealth portal around May 1) and a Provider Toolkit (updates are in progress to reflect both the end of continuous enrollment and the end of the public health emergency and related policy flexibilities). 

DHS has also established an unwinding listserv for providers in patient outreach roles. The link to sign up can be found here.”

You can check out the DHS website here.