Tell Me Something Good – Arlyn Shares Her Thoughts on Her 90th Birthday

At My Choice Wisconsin, our staff regularly receives uplifting emails from our Member Advisory Committee. These feel-good messages make our week and we’re pleased they have agreed to include you in sharing their positive thoughts!

Last week, Arlyn from the Member Advisory Committee celebrated her 90th birthday.  We asked Arlyn to share some of her wisdom about reaching such a milestone: “Enjoy the time you have left. I’m still here so I believe God still has a purpose for me – there are still things for me to do. You should look forward – don’t look backwards to the past. The future is in front of us. That’s where we need to focus; even when you are 90 years old like I am, you need to look forward. There is always hope when you look forward.”

Arlyn shared with Mary Clare, MCW Self-Advocacy Specialist, how much it meant to her last week to have her Care Manager Lisa stop by and drop off a balloon and cupcake to mark her 90th birthday. When asked about working with Arlyn, Lisa shared “Arlyn is the most determined member that I have ever met. She is a great advocate for herself. It’s what makes her so good on the Member Advisory Committee.”

Arlyn has had some recent health issues. “I’m still adjusting to being in assisted living now. I’m used to being so independent and sometimes it’s hard. I want to show people that I’m still strong. I still have a bit of spunk in me and I still want to do some things for myself. I’m still trying to find that balance in assisted living.”

Her Care Manager Lisa offered some of her own wisdom about supporting members in this type of transition, “ When a member is transitioning to assisted living, you need to start where the member is at. It is often a long process to help the member to see and accept that they need more support. But if you can be patient and persistent, it is so gratifying when the member realizes that with the increase in support they actually have more control over their life.”

In closing, Arlyn had this message, “Tell everyone on the Member Advisory Committee and at the My Choice Wisconsin office[s] that I love them and miss them. I hope this COVID thing goes away soon so that we can all be together again.” We couldn’t agree more Arlyn. Happy 90th birthday! Let’s all look forward with hope!