Tell Me Something Good – Disability Employment Awareness Month

At My Choice Wisconsin, our staff regularly receive uplifting emails from our Member Advisory Committee. These feel-good messages make our week and we’re pleased they have agreed to include you in sharing their positive thoughts!

As we move from October to November, we want to recognize October as Disability Employment Awareness Month. It celebrates the contributions of America’s workers with disabilities and provides opportunities to showcase supportive, inclusive employment policies, practices, and programs. My Choice Wisconsin is committed to assisting its members every day of the year to get the supports necessary to help them gain and keep competitive integrated jobs in their communities.

Patrick wearing glasses and a red shirt Description automatically generated

Patrick, Vice-Chairperson of our Member Advisory Committee, is especially passionate about employment and community connections for people with disabilities. He recently participated in the Wisconsin Self Determination Conference where he had a chance to discuss and learn about competitive integrated employment (CIE). When Patrick was asked what message that he wanted to share with MCW staff regarding competitive integrated employment, from his perspective as a member, an advocate and someone who has worked competitively in his community for 17 years, this is what he said: “Think outside the box because that is where the new ideas are. Connect people to their communities because that is where the jobs are.” Great advice, Patrick!

Let’s celebrate Disability Employment Awareness every day!