Tell Me Something Good – Savanna’s Sweet Employment Story

At My Choice Wisconsin, our staff regularly receive uplifting emails from our Member Advisory Committee. These feel-good messages make our week and we’re pleased they have agreed to include you in sharing their positive thoughts!

One of the great things about more and more people getting their COVID-19 vaccine is that there are more opportunities opening up for our members interested in CIE (Competitive Integrated Employment) to train and to work. Today we are celebrating the CIE story of Savanna, a member on the Member Advisory Committee.

Savanna graduated from high school just a couple of months after everything shut down because of COVID. The Project Search [work] site that she was hoping to start at in the fall of 2020 shut down. And the training program at Friendship Circle Café and Bakery that she was also interested in was on hold because of COVID as well. It was a challenge for Savanna to wait for her chance. She had to work at keeping her jobs skills sharp and her attitude positive.

But last month the wait for Savanna was finally over! In April 2021, Savanna began the training program at the Friendship Café and Bakery. She has been making both dog treats and human treats (in the form of Rice Crispy Treats!). Recently Savanna started making chocolate chunk cookies as well. She even got to bring some home to share with her family.

For our next Zoom Member Advisory Committee meeting, we will be lucky enough to enjoy some of those delicious chocolate chunk cookies so we can celebrate Savanna’s employment by eating them together.