Medicare Dual Advantage – Over-the-Counter Card for Easy Purchasing

Medicare Dual Advantage (HMO SNP) is a Medicare Advantage plan for people who qualify for both Medicaid and Medicare. This plan helps coordinate your healthcare needs with no monthly premiums or deductibles. Your plan includes prescription medications, and you’ll have access to unique program benefits like dental and vision coverage and a monthly allowance to spend through our over-the-counter catalog.

A new benefit for 2023 is the over-the-counter (OTC) retail card. This card is loaded at the beginning of each month with your $100 monthly allowance to be used towards OTC items. It can be used as a form of payment at network retail locations. Here’s a few other things to know:

  • Any unused allowance will roll over to the next month. Your OTC allowance must be used by the end of the year (12/31/2023).
  • Online and phone or mail ordering are also still available.
  • Your allowance can be used towards things like vitamins, cold and allergy medicines, toothpaste, incontinence pads, and first aid.  The 2022 catalog can give you an idea of some items that may be covered in 2023.
  • As a new member, your OTC card will arrive to you in the mail two to three weeks after your enrollment effective date.

To talk to a Medicare Advisor, call 1-800-963-0035 (TTY: 711) or fill out this form!