Medicare Dual Advantage – What is an Advantage Plan?

Medicare Dual Advantage (HMO SNP) is My Choice Wisconsin’s Medicare Advantage Plan. So what makes a plan a Medicare Advantage Plan? Medicare Advantage Plans are health plans for people that qualify for Medicare. They include the two parts of original Medicare: A – inpatient/hospital and B – outpatient/doctor. Plus, there are extra health benefits specific to each plan and some include D – a drug plan.  Advantage plans also have their own network of doctors you must use when seeking medical care. Advantage plans are not supplemental plans (also known as a Medigap Supplement), which piggyback on original Medicare.

My Choice Wisconsin’s Advantage plan includes a drug plan and special extras like dental and vision coverage and a monthly allowance to spend through our over-the-counter catalog. Our plan is tailored to individuals with both Medicare and Medicaid, so you have no monthly premium or annual deductible!

To talk to a Medicare Advisor, call 1-800-963-0035 (TTY: 711) or fill out this form!