Wisconsin Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) – Implementation Update

My Choice Wisconsin has received an update from DHS regarding recent updates in the Sandata system. Please see the below updates and what you can now expect in the Sandata EVV Portal.

A recent Sandata system update resolved two issues in the Sandata EVV Portal:

  • Provider agencies can now order FVV devices by logging in to the Sandata EVV Portal. For instructions on how to order an FVV device, please reference Fixed Visit Verification Process, slides 8-13.
  • The ability to enter additional member/participant addresses and phone numbers is now working properly. For instructions on how to enter additional addresses and phone numbers, please reference Electronic Visit Verification Portal: Clients Module, slides 25-36.

These training materials are available on the EVV Training – Training other provider agency administrator’s webpage.

If you have questions or comments about EVV, please contact Wisconsin EVV Customer Care via email or phone at 833-931-2035. EVV Customer Care hours are Monday–Friday, 7 a.m.–6 p.m. CT.