Meet Our Employees: Elaine

Meet Elaine, an Employment Specialist at My Choice Wisconsin. Read about Elaine’s years of experience and how a close family member sparked her vision to positively impact people’s lives!

“Being part of my community, giving back to community and being a productive citizen are values that I hold in high regard in my life. So, throughout my life I have made a concerted effort to live by these standards. My purpose is to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

I began my career with the idea that I wanted to become an educator so I attained my bachelor’s degree in Special Ed/Elementary Ed. and taught for a number of years. I was a member on our local Board of Education for 25 years. My desire to assist others, who may not be as fortunate as I, motivated me to apply for a newly developed idea – to assist individuals with disabilities to work & live in their community. To my amazement, I was hired by a vocational agency to develop an integrated employment and independent living service. So began a whole new realm of education!!! I pursued my Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Administration and continued expanding vocational & residential services for the vocational agency for 20+ yrs.

I have had an excellent learning experience for the past 5 yrs. with Care Wisconsin to pursue my desire to educate & bring to the forefront the importance/benefits of employment in a person’s life.  Since the Care Wisconsin/My Choice merger, I have remained in the same position where the opportunity to expand integrated employment becomes even more of a possibility.

My main personal reason for wanting to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities is because I was so fortunate to have a brother, Mark, who had a diagnosed Down Syndrome disability but who also had SO MANY abilities that he shared with our family & our local community. He also taught SO MANY people to overlook the disability & SEE the ABILITY & RECOGNIZE the POSSIBILITIES!! The lessons Mark taught our family and the community were priceless…STAY POSITIVE…NEVER GIVE UP!”

Thank you Elaine! We’ll take your words to heart!