Meet Our Employees: Eric Quivers, MD

Meet Eric Quivers, MD, My Choice Wisconsin’s Senior Medical Director in Dane County.

“Change affects us all differently and that is not always appreciated. There are different types of change. Change can be good. It can lead to new experiences, new discoveries and when things settle, a chance to reflect. Some others see it as a disruption in the way they are accustomed to working, living or whatever part of life is affected by the change.

We, my wife and I, are uprooting again. I believe four times since 2014, all to different areas of the country, except this time. Trust me it was not planned this way but we embraced the occasion. The moves have provided us with the opportunity to learn how the American culture varies in these regions. From the cuisines to the local history, it was all very colorful and interesting. We got to see how health care was delivered in the various regions. We met good people along the way. We consider ourselves very fortunate and this drives giving back to the communities as best we can. We are glad to be back in Madison but because of our travel, we are very different people than when we left four years ago. We hope to bring insights learned from our travels”.

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Thank you for your insight! We’re glad you’re here in Wisconsin as well!