MY WHY – Stephanie, Care Manager

At My Choice Wisconsin, our employees are passionate about the work we do. We come from all walks of life but are united by a dedication to serving our members and helping them find ways to live their healthiest, most independent lives. Read on to learn WHY we come to work every day!

Helping others is the main reason I enjoy my job. Our members and my co-workers are two big reasons I continue to stay with My Choice Wisconsin. My teammates and lead supervisor are understanding, caring, and helpful and I am grateful for the things I learn from them each day. Our Jefferson team has always been very welcoming and supportive of each other, wanting everyone to succeed while working with our members, their families, and providers. Sure, there are times where it gets stressful and overwhelming (especially during the merger last year). But during the stressful times, there is always a co-worker to talk things through or to laugh with to make the stress seem less. I have been a care manager for 10.5 years here and I continue to learn new things regularly. The fact that no two days are the same also keeps me loving what I do – change is a constant and it keeps us on our toes. I find being a care manager very rewarding since we get to help our members remain as independent as possible by providing education and assistance to help them make good choices for themselves.