Welcome to the My Choice Wisconsin Team!

At My Choice Wisconsin, we’re always excited to see new, mission-driven professionals join our team and our efforts in helping our members to live their best lives. We’re sending a warm welcome to the new hires of the MCW family!

Bradley – Functional Screen Supervisor, Wauwatosa

I have been in Social Services and Long Term Care for 10+ years and 5+ years with the Functional Screen. I bring passion, energy, and enthusiasm to our line of work each day. Very excited to join the My Choice Wisconsin Team.

Megan – Administrative Assistant, Wauwatosa

Volunteering at an assisted living facility for five years, I fell in love with the healthcare field. I’ve loved using my skills to make a difference in the lives of the residents and their families. I’m excited to join the team, so I can develop and learn new skills and continue to make an impact in the community.