Caring Starts with Meaningful Work

We all want the same things in life – meaningful work, loving relationships, and to be respected for our contributions to our communities. Work empowers us and can be a reality for anybody with the right supports. Employment looks different for everyone; at My Choice Wisconsin, we want to take that journey with you.

Benefits of Employment

Work is rewarding for all involved, whether it’s a paid position or volunteering. When members work in the community, it benefits everyone – employee, employer, customers, and coworkers. Studies show that for people with disabilities, those benefits can include:

  • Improved physical and mental health (self-esteem and confidence!)
  • Greater economic equality that comes with earning income
  • Creating positive impact on coworkers and customers alike by changing their ideas of what people with disabilities can achieve
  • Developing great relationships and deeper connections in your community

Integrated Employment

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