COVID-19 Vaccine Program – Provider Enrollment and Weekly Webinars

The Wisconsin COVID-19 Vaccine program is now enrolling providers. By enrolling in the program, vaccinators will be approved to administer COVID-19 vaccine in WI once a safe and effective vaccine is made available. COVID-19 vaccine will not be available for private purchase; it will only be available for delivery through the Wisconsin COVID-19 Vaccine program.

All providers that will vaccinate against COVID-19 should enroll:

  • Health care systems and providers
  • Pharmacies
  • Local and tribal health departments
  • Long term care facilities & assisted living facilities that are not participating in the Pharmacy Partnership program

Healthcare providers are encouraged to enroll on the Department of Health Services program webpage as soon as possible; read the news release here.

Weekly Webinars

DHS will hold weekly webinars on Tuesdays from 9:00-9:30 a.m. for healthcare providers to discuss COVID-19 Vaccine Program updates. If you need to obtain the conference call information or would like a question to be addressed in the webinar, please email