Caring Starts with Your Choice

Have you heard of “Self-Directed Supports” or “Self-Direction”? Self-direction is all about your choices: you decide who provides your care, you set your schedule, you show people how you want to be cared for, and you manage your budget. You can choose someone you trust to provide care – like your family and friends. If you decide to join the self-direction program with My Choice Wisconsin, you’re not alone; your care team will be there to help you every step of the way.

Why Our Members Like Self-Direction

Members can hire someone they know and trust to provide their services.

“My caregiver knows me. It would bother me to have a stranger coming in. She knows just how I need things done.” – Joanna F. (Family Care program member)

Members have consistent communication with their caregivers which enhances their relationship and provides a social outlet for the member.

“(My caregiver and I) Always have a good connection to get me through the hard times.” – Jeffery B. (Family Care program member)

Members choose when and how services are delivered.

“I have a lot of choice and control.” – Sina D. (Partnership program member)

Members enjoy more independence and responsibility in their lives.

“Self-direction allows me to be more creative and gives me more freedom to make my own choices. It gives me more independence.” – Takeela T. (Family Care program member)

Members have the support of a care team when problems need to be solved.

“My team helps me be proactive in taking care of my health. They are most compassionate. SDS helps me have someone here when others can’t be. A lot of my family lives in Illinois.” – Brandy L.-W. (Family Care program member)

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