Tell Me Something Good – Member Satisfaction & DHS Surveys

At My Choice Wisconsin, our staff regularly receive uplifting emails from our Member Advisory Committee. These feel-good messages make our week and we’re pleased they have agreed to include you in sharing their positive thoughts!

Patrick smiles while holding up his hand in the friendly "shaka" signPatrick, vice-chairperson of the Member Advisory Committee (MAC), greets you today with the shaka sign: “hang loose,” “right on,” “thank you,” “things are great,” “take it easy.” In Hawaii, the shaka sign expresses all those friendly messages and more.

The MAC is excited by new My Choice Wisconsin member satisfaction initiatives.  We know that Betsy Van Heesch, COO, has been meeting with all our care management units to discuss member satisfaction. In Betsy’s words, “member satisfaction is the ‘heart and soul’ of our collective work.” We couldn’t agree more! Together, we can help to ensure member satisfaction and retention by meeting or even exceeding our members’ expectations.

A member satisfaction survey was sent out recently to MCW members in Family Care and Family Care Partnership by the WI Department of Health Services (DHS). The survey results will provide valuable information to MCW. Listening and learning from our members simply makes the organization stronger.

Care Teams – you can help get the word out about this survey! As you engage with your members or their legal decision makers in the next few weeks, talk with them about the survey – ask if they have received it, encourage them to fill it out, and let them know how much MCW values their feedback.

If any staff is aware of members who need assistance completing the survey, there are people on the Member Rights team who can assist.  Simply send a message to with details and they will be happy to reach out to assist the member.

We know that every staff MCW person plays some part in member satisfaction. And for your part, your unique contribution to member satisfaction, whatever that may be, the MAC thanks you!